Michael Chappell

Co-Founder and President
Michael Chappell is the founder and the driving force behind Treverity’s Human Integration offering. He provides Treverity with the front-line management and client focus that distinguishes Treverity from both consulting and software companies. His insight and empathy for the Operations people that form the backbone of the utility, and deliver day-in and day-out, engenders the respect and gratitude that the Treverity brand is built upon. He has 30 years of working to drive solutions and enhance the effectiveness of Utility Operations.

His experience includes high profile roles at Energy Future Holding, Midwest ISO, TXU Energy, Southwest Power Pool, and CenterPoint Energy. He has deep knowledge and has delivered solutions across nearly all aspects of distribution grid operations, from wholesale pricing, market regulations, through customer segmentation and Control Center Operations. He also has a command of the technical aspects that drive the business analysis through to solutions with a specialty in SQL based data analysis.