We Won!

Treverity Announcements, Trade Shows and Conferences

We’re proud to announce that we are one of three companies announced as winners of the 2020 Initiate! Program! The other two companies were Electriphi and LiveE. We had a chance to pitch our solutions, and we’re excited to see that they resonate in the #utility community!

An Amazing 5 Weeks: Our Experience in Dubai

Michael Breen Bootcamp, Customer Experience, Dubai, Trade Shows and Conferences

Treverity recently completed the first half of the Dubai Future Accelerator (DFA), an accelerator comprised of seven entities ranging from Dubai Electric and Water Authority (DEWA), to Emirates Airline to the Dubai Municipality Government. We arrived on June 15th, alongside more than a dozen companies from around the world. The 9-week program, designed to facilitate international business opportunities for innovative …

Join Us July 9th – 12th at TGA’s O&M Conference.

Michael Breen Announcements, Trade Shows and Conferences

Heading to TGA’s Operations and Management Conference in July? Schedule some time with us for a demo of our Texas-Tailored Gas Solutions on our contact form here. Amongst the many solutions we offer, we’ll be highlighting our Compliance, Risk-Mitigation and Efficiency-focused products. These include our Exception Management, Leak Management, Gas Dispatch and Leak Clustering Solutions. Looking forward to seeing you …