Photo by NASA

Braving The Storm: Lessons from Dark Sky Days

Craig Lawrence Case Studies, Damage Assessment, Data Science

My father was a hurricane forecaster for the National Hurricane Center. He’s retired now, but as a kid I always thought his job was strange – what did he do when there weren’t any storms? Hurricane season was only half the year and, even then, there were often many months with no tropical storms. Turns out he did a lot  …

Texas Adds New Laws for Natural Gas Distributors

GJ Flannery Case Studies, Gas Energy

Though environmental regulations have loosened in the past years, the regulatory environment for natural gas companies is tightening.  Increasingly, utilities face a trend towards stricter rules for gathering, reporting, and sharing data with rate-payers and overseers. Two new laws in Texas provide a recent example of tighter standards around how gas distribution companies are required to handle and present data …

Using Machine Learning to Improve Utility Customer Experience

Craig Lawrence Case Studies, Customer Experience, Data Science, ETR, Machine Learning

To most customers, their electric utility has only one job – to keep the lights on. A power outage is one of the few times, other than paying their bill, that a customer engages with their utility – so, the utility interaction with the customer is a high leverage point. Perhaps just as important as getting the lights back on …