Faster Disaster Response and Recovery: People Plus Technology

Craig Lawrence Announcements

It seems like we can’t go a month without a new natural disaster. Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the wildfires in California, now the Polar Vortex in the Midwest. These disasters hit everyone and everything hard, and your electric utility is no exception. Much of our nation’s critical power infrastructure is above ground – power lines, poles, transformers, and substations are all subject to natural disasters. And the impact of a loss of electricity is compounded during and after a disaster. That is when we need power the most – to help people recover. Lives are literally at stake.

Treverity has been supporting utilities with disaster recovery since our inception. Our software solutions leverage data from multiple sources – Outage Management, Asset Management, ERP, SCADA, MDM, and more, to provide utility operators with a more holistic and near real-time view of their utility operations. We give utilities true “Situational Awareness” – bridging the gaps of their disparate operational systems and painting a picture of what is happening now – what is truly important for recovery, and what can wait.

As part of that effort, Treverity worked closely with our utility clients to develop Damage Assessment – a software solution that fulfills Treverity’s mission to “make people better at their work.” Damage Assessment includes a mobile field tool to allow your people, and also supplemental mutual aid personnel, to rapidly assess damage in the field and get that information back to the operations center immediately. It also includes a set of desktop applications to help the operations center orchestrate damage assessment activities – assigning circuits to assessors, monitoring assessments as they come in, and planning recovery operations. All of this is built on the TreverityEDGE software platform – integrated with your existing enterprise systems.

We are very proud to announce the general availability of Damage Assessment to all electric utilities in North America. We believe we have built a best-in-class solution to help your people do their job better and faster. We would love to give you a demonstration of the product – just give us a call!