Gas Operations

Providing data visibility, insight, and value to today’s modern gas utility.

Reduce critical errors by automating data validation for repair and work processes.
Bring data together from across your organization to give operators full situational awareness.
Improve regulatory compliance by resolving issues faster, reducing errors, and automating reporting.
Deliver operational savings by improving workforce efficiency, enabling your people work on higher value tasks.
Treverity’s Human Integration software is improving the way natural gas utilities operate by taking data out of silos and connecting it across the entire operation — from the field to the control room to the boardroom. Get the full picture of how your operation is performing, to identify and fix issues before they become problems. Built on the proven TreverityEDGE™ technology platform, Treverity offers a suite of applications that improve the efficiency, safety, and compliance of today’s modern gas utility.
gas leak management
Prioritize your leak workforce, reduce time to repair leaks, and forecast future operational needs.


Gas Operations Manager

Operations-level gas leak visibility for clear tracking and on-time repairs

  • Operations level visibility for clear leak tracking, detailed communication and on-time repairs
  • Key metrics and at-a-glance summaries of outstanding and overdue leaks
  • Automatically aggregate and prioritize outstanding leaks

Gas Dispatch

Empower dispatchers and improve customer response times 

  • Eliminate the need to search across multiple systems – see all work order and technician details in one place
  • Visual indicators prioritize urgent calls and show tech availability for quick situational awareness
  • An executive level summary displays current and historical performance metrics; available on mobile and desktop

Clustering & Activity

Near real-time model to identify and respond to potential areas of concern

  • Track leak repair activity with metrics to assess organizational performance
  • Analyze leak data by severity, location, and stage in the leak repair life cycle
  • Plan leak repairs to optimize compliance requirements, available workforce, and budget

Exception Management

Automated work order exceptions dashboard for improved accuracy, cost savings and compliance

  • Improves data quality to enable foundational change for gas operations
  • Individual and group performance measurement and reporting
  • Supports structured and unstructured data & data from external sources
  • Materials assessment including ASTM Code standards
  • Single point for Operations users to respond or route exceptions directly to responsible person or group

My guys can now do the work that used to take a programmer. It‘s a one-stop shop. We don‘t have to go to multiple systems to do our work.

District Director | CenterPoint Energy
Rapidly build custom applications on top of your integrated data, or choose from other proven applications for gas utilities.
  • Compliance Reporting
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Picarro Deployment
  • Survey Management
  • Crew Productivity
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