Our Process

Treverity is driven by the singular goal of delivering solutions to utilities that make people better at their work. With many decades of experience working in utility operations environments, and expertise in product design and design thinking, we have adopted a philosophy that we believe brings better results to people and organizations, built around two core processes: Human Integration and Continuous Improvement.

Human Integration

Human Integration is the process of incorporating human capabilities and limitations into a complex information system. This is an evolution of Systems Integration – incorporating different technology systems into a larger whole – typically paying little attention to the people that ultimately must operate these complex systems. Human Integration puts the user at the center of technology integration, and focuses on the needs of all the stakeholders in a data-driven organization.

Human Integration Software is the embodiment of that process – software that integrates humans effectively into the flow of data and information between complex operations and information technology systems. Treverity’s Human Integration Software allows users to operate in a data-rich environment more efficiently and make better decisions, faster. It sits between the utility’s core systems and the user, and relieves them of the burden of accessing and managing complex data and information, allowing them to be better at their work.

Human Integration Puts Users at The Center

At Treverity, we focus on users and their intent. We design and develop solutions that lead people to actionable insights. We think ahead, anticipating users’ next moves and helping them prepare for change. We believe software and technology is a means to an end. Ultimately, our users are trying to get an answer to a question, or are trying to solve a problem. We focus on helping them solve that problem.


Core Principles of Human Integration

Empathy is the ability to share someone else's mindset. We are better at what we do when we spend time with our users and feel what they feel. We get out of our cubicles, find our users, shadow them, do what they do, learn from their daily habits and look for opportunities to increase the quality of their work.
Users should always feel empowered, able to pick up right where they left off whether they use a Treverity tool once a day or once year. We allow users to personalize our solutions to better fit their needs. We use visual indicators to help them understand the path to reaching their goals. We provide a forgiving interface where mistakes are easily fixed. We keep them motivated by ensuring that the right actions and tools are readily present.
We focus on engaging users with meaningful interactions that highlight important information and decisions. We think of any interaction the user has with our products as a conversation - what should the user interface be saying to the user? How should the interface be saying it? Where should certain key pieces of data be placed, and when are the right times for those pieces to be displayed?

Continuous Improvement

Over years of working with Utility organizations, we have learned that the ability to effect change requires that we help customers to get past the infatuation with technology, and to have a confident mechanism to follow through with solutions that truly provide value to the organization. Many vendors in the Utility industry seek to sell massive software and technology infrastructure that can take months, if not years, to integrate, and much more time to effectively deploy into the organization. Many utility managers and executives have battle scars from prior failed or painful integrations, and are highly risk averse to deploying new technology. This results in longer sales cycles for technology vendors, encouraging them to increase the size and complexity of their offering to make it worthwhile to them, all in a vicious cycle that dampens innovation and change within utilities.

Treverity believes in a different approach, which we call Continuous Improvement. We take the agile approach that is effectively being used in technology development, and apply it to customer delivery. So, instead of selling you a giant deployment that will take years to realize value, we take a more deliberate, measured approach to providing incremental value (at incremental cost), through an iterative delivery approach. Learning along the way, and empowering our customers to realize that value quickly. We measure our success by ROI for our customers, and adoption of our solutions by users.