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Austin, TX, January 09,  2020 / — Treverity, Inc. announced today that Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC), the nation’s largest electric cooperative,  has deployed Treverity’s Utility360 software to enable a full view of operational data across multi-vendor environments, and to increase the efficiency of operators in performing their daily work. PEC has been working with Treverity for several years, and has …

2019 in Review

Year-end thoughts

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2019 was the year Treverity went global. One of the key successes of the year for us has been the work we were able to accomplish outside of the USA, with a set of worldwide utilities. In early April, we were invited to participate in the Free Electrons boot camp, selected from hundreds of companies that applied. Ten utilities from …

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Braving The Storm: Lessons from Dark Sky Days

Craig Lawrence Case Studies, Damage Assessment, Data Science

My father was a hurricane forecaster for the National Hurricane Center. He’s retired now, but as a kid I always thought his job was strange – what did he do when there weren’t any storms? Hurricane season was only half the year and, even then, there were often many months with no tropical storms. Turns out he did a lot  …

Texas Adds New Laws for Natural Gas Distributors

GJ Flannery Case Studies, Gas Energy

Though environmental regulations have loosened in the past years, the regulatory environment for natural gas companies is tightening.  Increasingly, utilities face a trend towards stricter rules for gathering, reporting, and sharing data with rate-payers and overseers. Two new laws in Texas provide a recent example of tighter standards around how gas distribution companies are required to handle and present data …

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Human Integration: Beyond Systems Integration

Craig Lawrence Customer Experience

The world of a utility operator is complex. Over the last two decades, utilities have invested heavily in Information and Operations Technology systems intended to make their operations run more efficiently. It’s a veritable acronym salad of software systems: OMS, AMI, CIS, GIS, ADMS, ERP, WMS, DERMS, etc (bonus points if you know what each of those acronyms stands for). …

An Amazing 5 Weeks: Our Experience in Dubai

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Treverity recently completed the first half of the Dubai Future Accelerator (DFA), an accelerator comprised of seven entities ranging from Dubai Electric and Water Authority (DEWA), to Emirates Airline to the Dubai Municipality Government. We arrived on June 15th, alongside more than a dozen companies from around the world. The 9-week program, designed to facilitate international business opportunities for innovative …

Join Us July 9th – 12th at TGA’s O&M Conference.

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Heading to TGA’s Operations and Management Conference in July? Schedule some time with us for a demo of our Texas-Tailored Gas Solutions on our contact form here. Amongst the many solutions we offer, we’ll be highlighting our Compliance, Risk-Mitigation and Efficiency-focused products. These include our Exception Management, Leak Management, Gas Dispatch and Leak Clustering Solutions. Looking forward to seeing you …

Faster Disaster Response and Recovery: People Plus Technology

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It seems like we can’t go a month without a new natural disaster. Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the wildfires in California, now the Polar Vortex in the Midwest. These disasters hit everyone and everything hard, and your electric utility is no exception. Much of our nation’s critical power infrastructure is above ground – power lines, poles, transformers, and substations are …