Treverity Announces the Availability of TreverityEDGE Damage Assessment for Utilities to Enable Faster Storm Recovery

Treverity Announcements

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Treverity, Inc. – a leading provider of Human Integration software to utilities – has released its new Damage Assessment application to help utilities respond to emergency events, and to rapidly assess damage and support recovery operations with simple, powerful software tools. The Damage Assessment application is available on desktop and mobile for use both in the field and the operations center.

“Many utilities struggle to manage people and data during critical operational periods – such as during storm recovery and restoration,” said Michael Breen, CEO of Treverity. “With real-time insight from TreverityEdge Damage Assessment, utilities get comprehensive and accurate information to get ahead of the curve on logistics and resource needs, and to keep the public informed.”

Treverity has worked with key utility clients to develop a solution to rapidly capture damage from storms, fire, or other events, and to support recovery operations. The Damage Assessment mobile application (Android, iOS) is intuitive and adaptable, allowing current and supplemental staff to easily identify, categorize, and track all types of damage across your service territory, even when network connectivity is lost. The Damage Assessment desktop application provides visibility and insight into the locations and details of damage as they are recorded from the field, integrates with your existing enterprise systems, and provides analytics tools to support rapid response and recovery.

“Time is always critical in getting customers back in service and controlling dangerous situations on the ground,” said Steven Root, VP of Client Solutions at Treverity. “TreverityEdge Damage Assessment assists in the full life cycle of a critical event, from assigning work to assessors, to monitoring recovery efforts.”

About Treverity:

Treverity provides software solutions to some of the nation’s largest electric and natural gas utilities, capturing key data from across utility operations in real-time, and solving the most challenging operational and analytical problems. Our uniqueness resides in our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions from the individual users point of view, using a process we call Human Integration. Based in Texas, the company has decades of collective experience in utility operations, software development, and analytics, and a passion for delivering high quality software that solves difficult problems and results in purposeful organizational change.

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