Treverity’s proven software technology platform, TreverityEDGE™, breaks down silos of information across your organization, performs real time analysis of your data, and delivers a unified and context-aware experience to your employees. From the field to the boardroom, across desktop, mobile, control room displays and 3rd party systems, our software delivers utility-specific solutions that increase the efficiency, safety, and compliance of your operations.


TreverityEDGE™ is the perfect platform for expanding situational awareness and operational efficiency for our company.
Bill Bell
Director of Operations and Corporate Analytics | CenterPoint Energy

TreverityEDGE™ Platform


Technical Features

Data From Anywhere

Interact with data from any source
  • Relational and SQL databases
  • Web Services
  • Spreadsheets and manual/form data entry
  • Directly from IOT devices

Easy On the Source

Minimize load on core systems
  • Data cached by EDGE for use across applications
  • Source systems see the same load regardless of number of users
  • Detect issues with source systems before they impact operations

Near Real-time

Get information when you need it
  • Data “snapshots” of your enterprise at human-readable intervals
  • Synchronized across all applications and users
  • Perform data analysis when you need it, not after that fact
  • All users work from the same data

Context Aware

Get information where you need it
  • Responsive displays across mobile, desktop, control room
  • Utilize mobile device sensors: GPS, camera, accelerometer, gyro
  • Rest APIs
  • CSV and Excel outputs
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