Utility Insight

Enterprise Search and Collaboration Software for Utilities

Lets everyone know everything that the utility knows.

Utility Insight

Improve Collaboration across teams — operations, customer service, engineering, and field personnel — by providing a single, unified real-time view of your data

Increase Operational Efficiency - empower employees with the information they need to do their job better, reducing redundant work and errors

Enhance Situational Awareness - seamlessly see across multiple enterprise systems to uncover insights about your operations that typically remain hidden in silos

All Your Data - From Multiple Perspectives

  • Search and explore your data from multiple perspectives, across multiple enterprise systems
  • Every function—operations, customer support, field crews, and engineering—sees the same data, from their perspective
  • Seamlessly navigate across enterprise system data, and switch between perspectives with an intuitive type-ahead search

Rich Data Views


Mobile Field Tools

Mobile Bubbles

  • Utility Insight available via the TreverityEDGE Mobile application (iOS and Android).

  • Allows field personnel to quickly access all relevant data across systems for a particular customer, premise, piece of equipment, or event.

  • The mobile app knows who you are, where you are, and why you are there — to help refine your search to the relevant subjects and results.

  • Your full enterprise data set available in the field, with an intuitive and hands-free interface.

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