From the field to control room, and even into the board room, the award winning Utility Insight application is centered on helping people find solutions.
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Treverity Human Integration

Treverity Human Integration Diagram
Go beyond Systems Integration
Human Integration incorporates your most valuable source of data — your people.
Treverity's Human Integration software puts users at the center, allowing them to operate in a data-rich environment more efficiently and to make better decisions. The burden to operate complex, specialized utility IT & OT systems is increasingly falling on users. Treverity’s solutions provide a buffer between your users and your systems, alleviating the burden of accessing and managing complex information – allowing your systems to do what they do best, and your people to focus on their job.


The TreverityEDGE platform leverages your data and your people to solve challenging operational problems and to make your jobs easier. We fill in the “holes” left by legacy enterprise IT and OT systems, and provide a platform for rapid application development across Data Integration, Situational Awareness, Operational Analytics, and Workflow Optimization.

Data Integration

Bring together data from diverse sources, breaking down data silos
Global Search
Data Quality
Composite Metrics
System Monitoring

Situational Awareness

Give every user a real time view of data, where & when they need it
Mobile Apps
KPI Insights
Notification Engine

Operational Analytics

Run analysis on your data in near real-time to generate new insights
Predictive Analytics
Optimization Models

Workflow Optimization

Eliminate manual and redundant tasks - deliver quantifiable ROI
Resource Management
Lifecycle Management
Dynamic Forms


Bring data together from across your organization to provide full situational awareness
Reduce errors by automating error checking, eliminating manual data handling and ensuring everyone has access to the same data
Improve the speed of your organization by giving everyone the data they need to make critical decisions, where and when they need it
Do more with what you have – deliver operational savings by improving efficiency, optimizing workflows, and implementing ROI-based continuous improvement
Improve regulatory compliance by automating processes and resolving issues faster
Reduce errors caused by data and information gaps across your organization

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